In accordance of project and February action plan, NSDO hired one STE to carry out the activity in the ground. Before to hold the activity, the STE conducted a technical and functional assessment to check the rooms for improvements of all value chains of poultry, dairy, vegetable, wheat and nuts in Kunduz province. The goal of this activity raised on to build the capacity of value chain partners on technical, management, governance and learning. STE conducted the assessment and found the common areas to be supported and perform the capacity building by NSDO under this activity:

  • Lack of knowledge to settle the tax payments
  • Very weak knowledge of bookkeeping among some value chains
  • Weak filing system
  • Effective management in the association
  • Weak knowledge of budgeting.
  • Weak knowledge of competition among the competitors in the market

The STE developed presentation on to include the topics to figure out the aforementioned weak points of the value chain partners and then conducted a three days training on the areas of technical, management and governance.  NSDO invited 4 key members from each value chain and enhanced the knowledge of 20 target actors in Kunduz province on February 8, 2020.


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