The ToT of this activity has already existed and NSDO recruited the STEs who had been involved and participated in the ToT in Kunduz province. The STEs assigned in Kunduz center, Ai Abad and Imam Sahib Districts of Kunduz province. Kunduz Dairy Union provided list of 500 (300 men and 200 women) target actor/ members. NSDO classified each group 25 target actors. The STEs reviewed and included and upgraded new elements in the existing manual. The activity started on January 1, 2020 and ended on February 29, 2020. Through conducting the trainings around the Cattle Management, Fodder Management, Hygiene during the producing milk, Processing and introduction of milk, Fertilization treatment, Mineral Block and Silage, enhanced the knowledge of milk producers and farmers on the aforementioned topics. NSDO held three days training for each village of Kunduz center, Ali Abad and Imam Sahib Districts of Kunduz province.


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