According to the activity calendar of May 2020, NSDO recruited three young talented STEs (1 female & 2 male). NSDO implemented activity in Kunduz center, Ali Abad and Imam Sahib Districts of Kunduz province. NSDO supported the suppliers to establish their marketing activities to the milk producers of aforesaid districts. NSDO through the STs collected promotional materials and printed out flyers on Concentrates which is being referred to animal feeds that are rich in energy and/or protein but low in fiber, such as corn, soybean meal, oats, wheat, molasses, etc. NSDO facilitated short events to the milk producers on providing highly concentrated sources of nutrients to supplement forages, supplying valuable starch, sugar and proteins for ruminant digestion and offering a broad choice from individual ingredients to complete balanced supplements and as well as shared the information on (key advantages; being known nutrient sources and analyses, offering good economy compared with compounds and providing complete flexibility to fine-tune rations as required).


Through the short event/half-day workshop, 750 livestock farmers including women covered in three districts of Kunduz province that where NSDO identified the aforesaid milk producers/livestock farmers through the collaboration of Kunduz Dairy Union and milk collection centers as well as small dairy processors of Kunduz. Total 24 villages targeted and 94 classes conducted. Each class consisted of 8 livestock farmers/milk producers. To enhance the knowledge of livestock farmers/milk producers, NSDO distributed the flyers were designed and printed out in local language.  Although, NSDO distributed masks, gloves and sanitizers as well as considering the social distancing amidst the livestock farmers/ milk producers as precautionary measures of pandemic.


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