During the course of November 2020, NSDO hired two short terms experts who were trained by Master Trainer in the previous and introduced and enhanced the capacity on the technical areas of poultry business and different teaching methodologies. Short after, the STEs identified the progressive farmers through Kunduz poultry association. The total number of 140 farmers targeted for this activity. The STEs reviewed the existing training manuals and curricula where included the advanced elements and components of poultry business. The STEs conducted the technical training of poultry business in the 15 villages of Kunduz center, Ali Abad and Imam Sahib districts of Kunduz province. The training venues were in safe area as well as providing food and transportation for the participants. Apart from, NSDO provided masks and sanitizers for target actors in the best light of to avoid spreading of COVID-19. The STEs delivered technical training on the up-keep and maintenance of poultry stables. (Integrate the technical innovation packages into the trainings) and on improved ventilation and heating practices for poultry stables as well as developed a model with the associations and service providers whereby the broiler producers cover the training costs through conducting five days to 140 poultry producers of Kunduz.


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